Buy Issue 23 which is all about Extinction


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Buy Issue 23 which is all about Extinction


The Extinction Issue Includes

The Extinct Wordsearch

What does Extinction Mean?

About when fossils were first discovered

Recent Extinctions

What exactly are Fossils?

The Dodo, Kronosaurus, and Megalodon

Fun facts about Dino’s

What does an Archaeologist do?

Neanderthal Man

Plants which are extinct

Volcanoes which are extinct

Planets which are extinct (yes, that happens)

Chloe and James talk about Extinction

Endangered Species

Triple Trouble in “A Trip to the Museum” (fiction, especially commissioned for CUBIC Magazine)

A Quick Quiz about Extinction

Book Review: REWILDING


What does “Extinct” Mean?

The extinction of an animal or plant species occurs when there are no more of that species alive anywhere in the world.

A species is labelled extinct when it has completely died out.

This is often a natural part of evolution. For example, if there was a species of spider that evolved to only have three legs, which made it slower and less able to catch food, it would eventually die out. The species would soon become extinct.

Sometimes, extinction can happen at a much faster rate.

Imagine an isolated island, far away from any other land. On that island there is a unique species of mice.

If people settled on that island, bringing hungry cats, the cats would eventually catch and eat all the mice. Once all of the mice had all been killed, that species would be extinct.

For most dinosaurs, however, extinction is thought to have come very quickly after the meteor hit the Earth.

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