Issue 4 is all about Australia including Banjo Paterson

Including Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, Australian Wildlife, Aboriginal People, Kangaroo’s, kookaburra’s and the Ghan Railway.

Look Inside & Answers

Our editor Neil lived in Sydney for eight years so this issue is packed with great features based on his knowledge and experience.

Thanks to the proof readers for not only checking the magazine but also for contributing ideas.

We almost left out Banjo Paterson but managed to squeeze him into the last draft.


This third issue of CUBiC Magazine is all about Australia including:

Australian city word-search

A quick history of Australia

All about kangaroos

About dingoes, Possums and Kookaburras

Kookaburra maze

The Parkes Dish and how it broadcast the Moon landing in 1969

Make a list of things you need for camping in the Aussie Bush

The Great Barrier Reef – what it is and why it’s in danger

About Uluru

About Aboriginal Dream-Time

A boomerang maze

All about Taronga Zoo in Sydney and all the great work they’re doing to support species

All about the Ghan Railway


Snowing in Australia

All about the Sydney Opera House and who designed it

Design your own Opera House!

Australians are mad about sports!

Dangerous insects and snakes in Australia

Aboriginal word-search

Random thoughts and a final list of things to think about