Be kind to your ears

Give your Ears a Break

It is really important to look after your ears and to give them a break some times. At least once a day spend a few minutes not listening to anything. Not any music or talking. Apart from giving your ears a rest it can also calm your mind.

This issue of CUBiC Magazine is all about Musical Instruments including:

A musical instrument wordsearch

Acoustic Instruments

Electronic Instruments

What do you play?

Two musical instrument mazes

Gallery of easy and difficult to learn instruments

The School Band Competition

Rita & Byron talk about drums

Learn to play the paradiddle and triplets

Piano facts and fun

The acoustic guitar

The trumpet

The violin

What’s your favourite movie and TV music?

Watch your ears!

Design Time

Keyboard wordsearch

What would be the name of your band?

Quick quiz

Find out more

Closing ideas and questions to think about