The Awesome & Iconic Uluru AKA Ayers Rock

Uluru (previously called Ayers Rock) is a HUGE sandstone rock formation in central Australia about 200 miles from Alice Springs.

The word “uluru” means “island mountain” which is appropriate for this iconic Australian landmark which is 350m high and has a perimeter of over 9km.

It is sacred to the local Aboriginal people called “Pitjantjatjara”.

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Koalas weigh 15kg and eat 1kg of eucalyptus leaves EACH DAY

Koalas are mostly found in eastern Australia where there are eucalyptus trees.

Koalas are about 70cm long and weigh about 15kg.

Koalas are not bears, they are marsupials.

An infant koala is called a joey.

Adult koalas eat about 1kg of eucalyptus leaves EACH DAY!

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What Happened to the Genius that was Jørn Utzon?

In the mid 1950s it was decided to run a competition for a design for a new performing arts centre in a great location in the heart of Sydney.

The winning entry was by a Danish designer called Jørn Utzon who didn’t just design an arts centre, he designed a radically new arts centre.

Due to lots of problems with completing the construction the Australian government and Jørn Utzon fell out and he was not invited to the opening ceremony which is sad.

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How Beautiful is a Siamese Cat?

Siamese cats are descended from a species in Thailand and it is thought they arrived in America a couple of hundred years ago.

Based on some very old writings in Thailand it is thought that the Siamese cat has been around in it’s current look for about five hundred years – that’s a lot of cats!

In the Thai language Siamese cats are called “Wichien Matt” which translates approximately to mean “Moon Diamond” – which gives you a good idea of how highly they were thought of.

Their bodies used to be heavier, but breeding has resulting in a slimmer and lighter breed of cat which people prefer as a pet.