If a Cranberry Bounces, is that Good or Bad?

As cranberries grow, they develop a pocket of air inside.

This means that if you drop a cranberry onto a hard surface, it will bounce like a little rubber ball. Try it next time. A cranberry which does NOT bounce is probably a bad cranberry and may have split or gone off.

Another amazing benefit of air pockets in cranberries, is that they float. When it is time to harvest cranberries (which grow in low bushes on the ground), the field is normally flooded with water which makes the cranberries float.

This makes all the cranberries float up to the surface of the water which makes them east to harvest.

All that hard work so you can enjoy a cranberry juice or muffin!

Issue 8 is all about Fruit and Veg and Includes

A Fruit word-search

What’s the difference between fruit & veg?

Where do fruit & veg grow?

Is a coconut a fruit or a veg?

Think about farmers, droughts and floods, and how far your fruit & veg has travelled to be on your plate

Which fruit & veg can I grow at home?

Rita & Heidi talk about pizza

What does ‘seasonal’ mean?

The Fox and the Grapes (from Aesops Fables)

The watermelon quiz

The largest veg in the world!

Make your own fruit juice

The riddle of the Oxford Orange

Why is it so important to eat Fruit & Veg?


The vegetable wordsearch

Are mushrooms fruit or veg?

Quick Quiz

Find out more

Being a vegetarian


Closing ideas and questions to think about

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