The Statue of Liberty Used to be the Colour of a Shiny Brass Penny

Probably the most famous statue in the world wasn’t always the beautiful green colour it is today.

When the statue arrived in segments from France, each piece was the colour of a shiny penny – a kind of brass colour. Over a period of about twenty years it changed colour to what we see today.

Issue 9 is all about the USA

A quick look at the US Flag

A US State Wordsearch

A quick history of the USA from 1607 to 2001

A map of the USA showing the road-trip from New York to the Grand Canyon

Ideas on what to pack for a road-trip across the USA 

DAY 1: New York City

DAY 3: Let’s Fly to Florida

DAY 6: Cape Canaveral

Rita & Byron talk about holidays

DAY 8: Texas

DAY 12: Kansas

DAY 15: Chicago

Can you crack the Chicago Code? 

The long highways across the USA

US State nicknames

DAY 18: Montana and the American Indians

DAY 21: San Francisco

Famous & inspirational people born in the USA

DAY 26: Hollywood

LAST DAY: The Grand Canyon

A quiz about what we’ve learned on the road-trip

Closing ideas and questions to think about

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