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Issue 9 of CUBiC Magazine is all about the USA


A quick look at the US Flag

A US State Wordsearch

A quick history of the USA from 1607 to 2001

A map of the USA showing the road-trip from New York to the Grand Canyon

Ideas on what to pack for a road-trip across the USA 

DAY 1: New York City

DAY 3: Let’s Fly to Florida

DAY 6: Cape Canaveral

Rita & Byron talk about holidays

DAY 8: Texas

DAY 12: Kansas

DAY 15: Chicago

Can you crack the Chicago Code? 

The long highways across the USA

US State nicknames

DAY 18: Montana and the American Indians

DAY 21: San Francisco

Famous & inspirational people born in the USA

DAY 26: Hollywood

LAST DAY: The Grand Canyon

A quiz about what we’ve learned on the road-trip

Closing ideas and questions to think about

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