Understanding Greenhouse Gasses for Kids

The gasses in the atmosphere which trap heat from the sun are called Greenhouse Gasses, which include carbon dioxide and methane.

Over the last hundred years or so, the amount of greenhouse gas in the Earth’s atmosphere has risen, mainly due to human activity such as factories, pollution and the growth in population.

Issue 13 of CUBiC Magazine (for Curious Kids) is all about Climate Change, including the symptoms, causes, and what we can do to help reverse global warming.

We look at the history of how so much CO2 has been pumped into our atmosphere, and how that has resulted in global warming and climate change.

We then look at the symptoms such as flooding and extreme heat and weather.

Lastly, we look at what we can do at a practical level to help reduce the emissions of CO2 – such as using more solar, tidal and wind power.

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