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The first print run for CUBiC Magazine is here

Arrived in the office yesterday, the first print-run of the new CUBiC Magazine. Very exciting, perfect size for a kids backpack and it’s all on recycled paper

Very happy to receive the first print run of CUBiC Magazine which we’re now sending out to family, friend’s families and to a short-listed number of independent magazine shops and online distributers.

If you are interested in stocking or distributing please contact us for a free sample copy.

Visual learning and chart interpretation

Thank you to the early adopters who’ve been proof reading CUBiC Magazine themselves and with their children.

The most common point of feedback has been to use more charts and graphs in the magazine which may not have explicit questions as in a maths workbook, but will be accompanied by a few “What do you think?” questions.

Although it’s too late to put more charts into Issue #1 about Nature, we’ll be putting more charts and pie-charts etc into Issue #2 about Sports. I think this will work well because Sports by it’s very nature lends itself to statistics and numerical analysis.

Thanks again to all our young proof-readers!


Founder & Owner of CUBiC Magazine

Issue #2 Sports – Cover

As we’re about to publish and launch the first issue of CUBCiC Magazine we already have the Q4/2020 issue in progress which is all about sports.

We’ve divided up the Sports Mind Map into four categories

Ball Sports

Summer Olympics

Winter Olympics

More Sports

Sports Crossover

We realise that some sports could go into several categories but this is how we’ve divided it up.

Some of the sports we’re including are football, rugby, hockey and ice hockey, swimming, diving, sprinting, marathon, horse racing, motor racing, skiing, tennis, cricket and many more.

What meaning does giving flowers have?

Sample spread from CUBiC Magazine Issue #1

There are many different situations when you might give flowers to someone. For example for a birthday, if someone is feeling ill or unfortunately if someone has passed away.

Even though flowers in a vase may only last for a couple of weeks, they can bring fragrance, joy and a little bit of nature into any someone’s life.

What meaning do poppies have?

Do you know what special meaning poppies have? If you’re not sure, try looking it up.

Clue: it has something to do with the first world war.