Sometimes people get really sick

Sometimes, people get really sick.

Some people have life threatening illnesses, including cancer and other diseases that attack the brain or muscles.

Sometimes people die in hospital.

This is just a fact of life, and a reminder that we all need to be grateful for all the services hospitals provide.

We should also be grateful for every day we’re healthy

Look after yourself, and your family and friends.

Issue 20 of CUBIC Magazine is out now and is all about hospitals, including; Becoming Ill, Ambulances and Paramedics, A&E, X-Rays, Florence Nightingale, Operations, Medicine and Recovery.

Issue 20 also has all the regular activities including word-searches, mazes and Chapter Four of Triple Trouble, called “A Trip to A&E” – featuring Heidi, Jessica, and Byron.

As usual, we join lots of fantastic images with professionally written text.

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About CUBIC Magazine

CUBIC Magazine was launched in May 2020 by a team with over forty years combined experience private tuition and the publication of children’s educational material in England, South Korea and Spain.

Our team has also published a number of books in the educational field, specifically in Mathematics. More detail on these products soon.

Our team has a good mix of backgrounds in science and visuals arts which help make CUBIC Magazine a powerful combination of the two.

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