Printed on 100% FSC paper and posted in a 100% recyclable plastic bag

From what kind of paper is CUBiC Magazine made?

We want to send parents and children alike a good message about the materials we use for the magazine and the packaging.

CUBiC Magazine is printed on 100% FSC® paper.

FSC® stands for “Forest Management Certification” and means that all the paper originates from forests that are managed by strict FSC® principles and criteria, including maintaining the whole forest ecosystem. 

That said, and although the magazine is recyclable, we hope you decided to keep CUBiC Magazine on your bookshelf for future reference. We’ve designed them last and to be read and re-read.

CUBiC Magazine is printed in England.

What kind of packaging is used to post CUBiC Magazine?

We’ve recently switched to a new and fantastic 100% recyclable plastic, so please make sure you recycle the bag when you open it up. The plastic bags are made in Lincoln, England.

The CUBiC Magazine label is also printed on recycled paper in England.

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