The Sea Women of Jeju Island

These “Sea Women” (“Haenyeo” in Korean) are female divers in Jeju who dive for seafood and seaweed. Some of these divers are over 80 years old.

A short flight or ferry ride from the South Korean mainland is the magical Jeju Island.
Jeju has a massive dormant volcano, called ‘Hallasan’. It is at the centre of the island and is the tallest mountain in South Korea, at almost 200m.

Issue 16 of CUBIC Magazine (for curious kids) is all about KOREA

We look at a the history of Korea, the Korean War, as well as Korean culture, food, sports, cities, countryside, beliefs and much more.

This issue is also packed with vocab-relevant word-searches and a maze, as well as great features and articles about North and South Korea.

Is this relevant for a child? We believe so, in part due to the recent rise in Korean culture and its influence across the world, as well as geo-political events concerning North Korea and the parallel to the East-West German divide during the Cold War.

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