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Each issue is A5, 48 pages printed on 100% FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council) – ideal for curious kids in the 8 to 12 age range.

CUBiC Magazine Issue 7 – Money

Gold & Silver, Roman Coins, Paper & Plastic Money, Saving & Spending, Understanding Money, Word-Searches, Mazes, Bitcoin and more

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CUBiC Magazine Issue 6 – Musical Instruments

Including Acoustic & Electronic Instruments, the Band Competition, Protecting Ears, the Mysterious Forgotten Song and a Great App to use on your laptop.

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CUBiC Magazine Issue 5 – Flying Machines

Including da Vinci’s Ideas, Kites, Hot Air Balloons, Planes in WWI and II, Jets, Rockets and Drones.

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CUBiC Magazine Issue 4 – Australia

Including Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, Australian Wildlife, Aboriginal People, Kangaroo’s, kookaburra’s and the Ghan Railway.

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CUBiC Magazine Issue 3 – Cats & Dogs

Cats and Dogs as Pets, Different Breeds, Wild Cats and Dogs, Guide Dogs, Fables & Poems and who did invent the cat flap?

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CUBiC Magazine Issue 2 – Ball Sports

Including Tennis, Cricket, Football, Baseball, Ping-Pong, Hockey, Golf, as well as Mental Health in Sports.

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CUBiC Magazine Issue 1 – The Earth, Moon, Sun & Space

The Earth, Global Warming, the Moon, Sun, Stars, Space Travel, Satellites, Rockets and the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

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