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This first issue of the magazine is all about our planet, the Moon, the Sun and other stars, space travel and more.


Planetary Wordsearch

About out planet and it’s ability to support life

Basic facts and numbers about the Earth

About global warming

About the Moon – what it is, how big it is and its influence on the Earth

Travelling to the Moon

A Moon based maze

About the Space Race

A code breaking quiz

About the Sun

About stars in general and what happens when they die

A quick note on pulsars and how crazy they are

Space Travel


Make a list of what you’ll need on a trip into space

Interstellar travel, looking at Voyager and what the challenges are for long range human space flight

About exo-planets and the goldilocks zone

About black holes and time travel

The search for extra-terrestrial life – e.g. using radio telescopes

Make a list of things to ask or say to an alien

Bringing you back to Earth word-search

Random thoughts and “Did you know’s?”

Closing things to think about

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