Buy Issue 21 which is all about Crystals


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Buy Issue 21 which is all about Crystals

Issue 21 which is all about Crystals includes;

The Crystal Wordsearch

What are Crystals?




Quartz and Watches

A Crystal Maze

Crystal Geometry

About a Gemologist


A Box of Crystals

Let’s go Mining for Crystals

The Placebo Effect

Heidi and Carlos Talk About Crystals

A Crystal Radio

Chapter Three of Tripe Trouble: The Secret Crystal

A Quick Crystal Quiz

And Finally…

Fools Gold

The awesome pyrite crystal is often called “fools gold” because it looks a lot like gold.

The way to tell that you have pyrite is that it is more brittle than gold.

A couple of hundred years ago it was used to help make sparks – for example in early weapons.

Another difference is that pyrite often forms into cubes or cuboids like the one in the picture above. Gold tends to form in blobby looking nuggets.

Fun Facts about Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest natural substance found on Earth. Interestingly, the only thing which can scratch a diamond, is another diamond!

Diamonds normally form about 100 miles under the surface of the Earth. That makes them very difficult to mine. But luckily, volcanic activity melts rock which helps bring diamonds to the surface.

Diamonds are the only gemstone which are made from just one element. That element is carbon, which is the same stuff life on Earth is based on.

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