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Issue 10 of CUBiC Magazine is all about Statistics


A quick introduction and a look at the funny side of stats

Which countries in Europe like cats the most?

A stats wordsearch

Sleepy cat & koala stats

Estimating stats at a busy road crossing in downtown Tokyo

Dog stats

True or false – can you figure out which stats are real?

Rita and Heidi talk about stats (their Geography homework)

Ocean stats

People stats – including which countries have the youngest and oldest populations

Book stats – do you know which is the best selling book of all time?

The Bell Curve – including height, speed and shoe size

Sport stats – including football, cricket and baseball

The secret of the stat on the mat – can you figure out this puzzle?

A pack of card stats (not a pack of lies)

Rolling a dice stats

Flower Power – how tall is the average daisy and why?

Quick stats quiz

Find out more…

Last Word – including why it’s useful to be objective

Finally, a bunch of cool questions to think about

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