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Buy Issue 19 which is all about Water


Issue 19 which is all about Water includes

How to fill a swimming pool

The Water Wordsearch

What does H2O mean?

Water as a solid, liquid and gas


The water cycle

How does a rainbow work?

Fun facts about rivers

Salt water vs. Fresh water

Design Time

A Submarine Maze

Steam Engines

An Aesop Fable about Water 

Extra-Terrestrial Water

The Underwater Wordsearch

Chloe & Kim Talk about Water

Drink Water!

Chapter Three of Tripe Trouble: A Day at the Beach

Some quotes about Water

The Water Quick Quiz

And Finally…

Precious Water

Water is precious. Always remember how lucky you are to access a tap producing drinkable water. Millions of children around the world don’t have this luxury.

Why is Jupiter’s Moon Europa so Interesting?

Scientists are very interested in Europa because they think there are huge oceans of water beneath its surface.

In fact, the Hubble Space Telescope has seen plumes of what is probably water being ejected into space, perhaps in a similar way to magma (lava) being ejected into the air on planet Earth from a volcano.

What is REALLY interesting, is that where there is water, there could also be life.

If there is life on Europa, it won’t be in the form of aliens and spaceships, it will be in the form of microbes and tiny organisms as we have in our own oceans here on Earth.

How Many Molecules of H20 are there in One Drop of Water?

It’s hard to tell exactly because drops of water are all different sizes. But, on average there are this many: 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

This number is of course impossible to imagine.

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Climate Change

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