Buy Issue 20 which is all about Hospitals


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Buy Issue 20 which is all about Hospitals

Issue 20 which is all about Hospitals incudes;

Hospitals are for scientists as well as doctors and nurses

The Hospital Wordsearch

Becoming ill, and what a virus is

Ambulances and Paramedics

Accident & Emergency (A&E)

Florence Nightingale

A home medical kit

Who works in a hospital – a look at a number of different roles

Fun facts about hospitals


A broken leg, and how to plan if you’re in hospital for a few days



The Medicine Wordsearch

Kim and Heidi talk about a broken leg

Visiting time

Triple Trouble Chapter Four – A Visit to A&W (fiction)

Fun jokes and quotes

And Finally…

Who Works in a Hospital?

It’s important to realise that a dietician who works in a hospital isn’t just concerned with reducing weight (which is how most people think about a dietician), because they’re concerned with the overall health of patients.

Dieticians make sure everyone in the hospital is eating well – whether or not they like to eat meat, fish, or vegetables!

A Home Medical Kit

A home medical kit can save a trip to the hospital. You can include basic items such as a bandage, plasters, and some medicine. It can even save a trip to the hospital!

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Florence Nightingale


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