Squash – the perfect rapid indoor sport for the restless

Squash is a great ball sport because you can play it indoors any time day or night.

There are about twenty MILLION people who regularly play squash across 185 countries.

It is a racket sport you play with one other person on an indoor squash court. It is peculiar in some ways because you can hit the ball in any direction, so long as it hits the front wall between the lines (see the picture above).

The ball is quite small, about 40mm in diameter and are made of rubber. They have different coloured dots – which tell you how soft or had the ball is. The harder the ball the faster it will travel around the court.

Interestingly, squash was been around for quite a long time – probably since about 1830 and there was even a squash court on the Titanic.

It is possible that Squash will soon become an Olympic sport – so watch out for it on TV.