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Buy CUBIC Magazine Issue 24 which is all about Ideas


Issue 24 Ideas Content Includes

The Ideas Wordsearch

What are ideas and where do they come from?

That’s Impossible!

Make a List of Ideas

That’s Random!

Shhh – I’m Thinking!

Fun Facts about Ideas

The Ideas Maze

Don’t Stop

Really Bad Ideas

New Ideas Right Now

The Good Idea Wordsearch

Sketching Out Ideas

Rachel and Andy Talk about Ideas

Artificial Intelligence

Triple Trouble Chapter 8: The Adventurous Trio Get Inventive

Quotes about Ideas

Quick Quiz about Ideas

Back Cover

Buy CUBIC Magazine Issue 24 which is all about Ideas

Left Brain, Right Brain

Like the difficult question “what is time?” (which we attempted to answer in issue 22, about time), this is a very tricky question to answer. One thing we can certainly say is that they come from your brain!

Many scientists think that different parts of the brain have to be activated at the same time. In fact, it helps if the activities in the brain are very different.

For example, if one part of your brain activates an image of a potato, and another part of the brain activates the word ‘roof’, you might come up with an idea on how to grow potatoes in a roof garden.

Scientists also believe the left side of the brain is mainly used for logical thinking, while the right side is used for creativity.

Don’t Stop Thinking

A great way to come up with new ideas is to continue brainstorming after you’ve reached your first idea.

If you have an idea of how to reduce waste at home, don’t stop there! See if you can come up with more ideas of how to reduce waste at school, too.

Once your brain is thinking about something, it can leap from step to step, coming up with lots of different ideas.

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