Buy Issue 22 which is all about Time


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Buy Issue 22 which is all about Time


Issue 22 which is all about Time

The Timely Wordsearch

What is Time?

Hours, Minutes and Seconds

A Quick History of Timekeeping

Smart Watches


What is GMT?

Fun Facts About Time

A Timely Maze

A Map of Timezones

Plan Your Time

The Planning Wordsearch

Time Travel

Carlos and Rita talk about Time

Triple Trouble (fiction) – Chapter Six – Time Travelling

A Quick Quiz about Time

Use a Timer

A timer is a great way to help focus your mind when you have something to complete.

You can ‘see’ how much time you have left to complete a task, such as an essay.

Is it Possible to Waste Time?

Does time go by more slowly when you’re bored?

Is it possible to actually ‘waste’ time?

If so, what do you think is a waste of time?

Can time which has been wasted be re-gained?

An Hourglass, You’re Kidding Right?!

Can you think of three advantages and disadvantages of using an hourglass, compared to using a digital watch, or the timer on your phone?

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Buy Issue 22 which is all about Time – Useful Links

Time (Wikipedia)

The History of Timekeeping Devices (Wikipedia)

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