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Issue 11 of CUBiC Magazine is all about Language



A quick introduction and a look at the non-verbal language

A word & grammar based wordsearch

How language evolved, and a quick look at the language areas of the brain

About how Latin is the root of a lot of European languages

Different languages in the world, and the most spoken – along with a maze

About letters, print, books and newspapers

How different languages use different (and sometimes funny) phrases to mean the same thing

A quick note-pad exercise to write some words & sentences in a foreign language

Rita & Jessica talk about languages

Sign language, including about Washoe the Chimp, and a table of sign-language letters


Computer languages and inary

How would you communicate if you become lost somewhere they don’t speak English

Non0Latin based languages such as Thai and Japanese

Did you know you can already speak Korean?!

Some motivational quotes about language

RIDDLE: The Tenth Translation of the Tempest

Talking animals

Body language

A translated wordsearch

Thinking in language and pictures

Quick Quiz

Last Word

More things to think about

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