A New Story From CUBIC Magazine

Triple Trouble is the story of Heidi, Jess and Byron and their antics in a small seaside town in Devon.

Chapter One “The Treasure” is in issue 17 of CUBIC Magazine which is all about the five senses.

Chapter Two will be published in issue 18, which is all about insects.

Excerpt from Chapter One: The Smelly Treasure…

The shrill end-of-school bell rang out at Appledore Primary School, followed by the noisy bustle of excited students. Children hastened through the school gates in a lively blur of book bags, lunchboxes and backpacks. Some met their patient parents in the playground, others hopped onto their bikes or the school bus. The three friends, Heidi, Jess and Byron, however, readied themselves for a short walk home through their beautiful North Devon village.

“I can feel a storm coming,” exclaimed Byron, his violin case swinging from his hand, “It’s like a sixth sense!”.

Heidi scoffed, pulling on a fluffy scarf. “Don’t be silly. Ms Mia taught us the five senses in year three and predicting the weather definitely wasn’t one… It is windy though.”

“Orchestra practice was amazing! I’m so excited for our performance,” Jess exclaimed as they walked together down the narrow, cobbled lanes towards their road. The three friends passed brightly painted cottages of pastel blues, pinks and oranges, which stood out sharply against the dark blue brooding rainclouds that hung forebodingly in the sky.