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Issue 12 of CUBiC Magazine is all about Colour



A quick introduction about colour, rainbows and ripening tomatoes

A splash of colour word-search

Defining colour from a scientific view, as well as from a human perspective

A look at colour dyes and the history of some colours

Observing and explaining the different colours of the planets

A red and blue apple maze

A look at the colour orange including different shades

A look at RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and how that works – e.g. in TV’s and screens

A look at CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) and how that works in printing

Fun facts about the colour yellow

Bees, honey, pollen and pain!

A look at black, white and grey, and why early photographs and movies were in black & white

Explaining why photosynthesis means most leaves are green

Cool fact about the colour green, including emeralds, glow-worms and camouflaged insects

A look at the blue sky, sea, eyes and birds

Byron and Heidi talk about blue…

Explaining indigo, violet and purple, including looking at purple insects

A gemstone word-search

Looking at wonderfully bright coloured gemstones

A quick colour quiz

Colourful things to think about

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