ISSUE #1: Our Planet, the Moon, the Sun & Other Stars, Space Travel & More

An A5, 48 page monthly magazine printed on 100% FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council) – ideal for inquisitive kids in the 8 to 12 age range.

Issue #1 Content

This first issue of the magazine is all about our planet, the Moon, the Sun and other stars, space travel and more;

Planetary Wordsearch

About out planet and it’s ability to support life

Basic facts and numbers about the Earth

About global warming

About the Moon – what it is, how big it is and its influence on the Earth

Travelling to the Moon

A Moon based maze

About the Space Race

A code breaking quiz

About the Sun

About stars in general and what happens when they die

A quick note on pulsars and how crazy they are

Space Travel


Make a list of what you’ll need on a trip into space

Interstellar travel, looking at Voyager and what the challenges are for long range human space flight

About exo-planets and the goldilocks zone

About black holes and time travel

The search for extra-terrestrial life – e.g. using radio telescopes

Make a list of things to ask or say to an alien

Bringing you back to Earth word-search

Random thoughts and “Did you know’s?”

Closing things to think about