What meaning does giving flowers have?

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There are many different situations when you might give flowers to someone. For example for a birthday, if someone is feeling ill or unfortunately if someone has passed away.

Even though flowers in a vase may only last for a couple of weeks, they can bring fragrance, joy and a little bit of nature into any someone’s life.

What meaning do poppies have?

Do you know what special meaning poppies have? If you’re not sure, try looking it up.

Clue: it has something to do with the first world war.

What is a Husky?

The word “Husky” comes from a word referring to the people who lived in the Arctic, called Eskimo’s. The dogs were first called “Huskimo’s” and they just called “Husky”.

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Husky’s usually live in cold, snowy areas and are very fast when it comes to pulling sledges. Husky owners typically breed the fastest and strongest Husky’s to produce even stronger, faster dogs.

Types of Husky

There are lots of different types of Husky including:

– Siberian Husky

– Labrador Husky

– Alaskan Husky

Sample spread from Issue #1 of CUBiC Magazine

Here’s a sample spread from the upcoming firsts issue of the relaunched CUBiC Magazine.

This spread is from the “Space” section and is an example of how the magazine is interactive and asking the child reading the magazine to get involved.