Twelve Month Subscription

A twelve month subscription will feed your kids curiosity

A CUBIC Magazine twelve month subscription delivers almost 600 awesome pages of content, colour and inspiration.

Each issue is A5, 48 pages and perfect for curious kids in the age range 8 to 12.

What’s in each issue of a twelve month subscription?

Each issue in a twelve month subscription centres around a subject (e.g. Hospitals, Fruit & Veg, Australia, and Language) and is packed with interesting information, word searches, mazes, “what ifs”, presented in a light hearted way to engage children.

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CUBIC Magazine Issue 14CUBIC Magazine Issue 15CUBIC Magazine Issue 14

CUBIC Magazine Issue 14Issue 20

Free downloads with a twelve month subscription

When you sign up for a CUBIC Magazine twelve month subscription you’ll also receive occasional free downloads to print at home – click here for an example.

Not ready for a twelve month subscription?

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What’s in each issue?

Each issue in a CUBIC Magazine twelve month subscription is packed with articles, great images, word-searches, mazes and more…

For example, in the very popular Senses issue, the content is:

A quick introduction to the five senses

A smelly wordsearch

All about sight

Eagle eyes

All about sound and looking after your ears

Fun facts about sound

All about smell

Why and how dogs have sensitive noses (one each that is)

Why rubbish smells

All about taste

Different parts of the tongue and how it works

Yeuchy tastes

All about touch

Can you feel a butterfly in your hands?

Denise & Mark talk about sound

The listening wordsearch

Triple Trouble – Chapter 1 – The Smelly Treasure (a specially commissioned story only to be found in CUBIC Magazine)

Quick Quiz

Back Cover – an eyesight test

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Featured back issues

Our most popular issue is issue one, which is all about the Earth, Moon, Sun & Space.

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Our second best-selling issue is all about colour.

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Issue 20 is all about hospitals, and is the most challenging issue to date.

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